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When Love & Life Can't Wait Any Longer

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There is no need to wait any longer to commit to the one you love.  So many parts of our lives have been stalled during this time of Covid 19, but we can help you move forward with an engagement ring and bring joy and celebration to you and your family and friends.  A big wedding may have to wait, but an engagement is essentially between two people and life can go on in this arena!  So, let's bring on the joy where we can.

We offer white/rubber glove service and custom designs at reasonable prices to create an engagement ring. We have access to recycled material, post-consumer diamonds and other sustainably sourced diamonds and gemstones. With three quick steps you don't have to wait any longer to begin your lives together.

1. Schedule a consultation
2. Pick a stone and design 
3. Viola- a custom made engagement ring

All of the above can be offered virtually:) 

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