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Four Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Diamond

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1. Buying a diamond based only on the certificate.  As Ben likes to say, “the only thing a GIA certificate can’t tell you is if the stone is pretty.” It is possible for a stone to grade well and not have that special sparkle or beauty that you want.

2. Bigger is not always better… understanding carat weight distribution.  Depending on cut or shape of a diamond some diamonds will carry their carat weight differently. For example, a cushion cut inherently will hold more weight in the body of the diamond in comparison to a round brilliant. It is important to look at the spread of the stone. We have sold 7ct stones that spread like a 10ct. 

3. Buying a lab created diamond. If you are concerned with buying a diamond because of ethical reasons, consider buying a post consumer diamond instead of a lab created diamond.  While lab created diamonds quality has greatly improved in recent years, there is currently little to no secondary market for lab created stones. Historically, diamonds have been like gold, they can be resold in times or need or in changing circumstances. But, at this point in time that is not the case with lab created stones. So, if an engagement goes south or years from now someone wants to resell their lab created stone, they may not be able to. 

4. Going it alone. It is great to educate yourself on the 4c’s and to understand the diamond market before you buy, but we encourage people to work with an expert when buying. We have had very smart people come in with a good understanding of  the 4C’s, but still misinterpret the data and come up with the wrong diamond choice. An expert can help you understand how to best weigh the Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight,  while at the same time taking into consideration the 5th C, cost. 

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