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Summer Fun: Travel And Jewelry

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This summer our family was lucky enough to go to the Big Island. We hope you all are able to enjoy some summer fun as well. We often get questions from our clients…Should I bring my jewelry with me when I travel? Is it better to wear fake jewelry? Of course, it all depends. In general we are fans of enjoying your jewelry and wearing it as much as possible. But, you must be smart about it, of course.

If you are staying at a resort, traveling with insured fine jewelry is most likely fine. Although, if it is something you will worry about, leave it at home in a safe! If you do bring jewelry, we would recommend choosing one set, so you can keep the jewelry on your person. Diamond studs are always a good choice! 

If you are going to be adventure traveling or moving around a lot, we would recommend very basic jewelry. Perhaps a band instead of an engagement ring.

Lastly, fake jewelry is a good option, but don’t opt for big or flashy fake diamonds. While you don’t risk loosing your real diamonds, you still don’t want to make yourself a target:) 

In summary:

  • If you travel with jewelry, make sure your jewelry is insured. 
  • Wear what you bring or keep it close.
  • Don’t go flashy, even with your fakes.
  • If you will worry about your jewelry, leave it at home in a safe or safety deposit box
  • Think about wearing a band instead of your engagement ring?

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